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Creating nonprofit websites that inspire visitors to take action.

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Does Your Website Make the Right Impression?

Your website plays a key role in promoting awareness, collecting donations, and attracting new volunteers. The reality for nonprofits today is that most first-time interactions occur online. Many donors never physically connect with the nonprofits they support, and many volunteers find opportunities by simply searching online. That’s why a strong, compelling web presence will expand your nonprofit’s impact.

Helping Your Nonprofit Thrive

Alpha Webworks specializes in building websites for nonprofits, foundations, and purpose-driven organizations. We help you leave a positive impression with your donors, supporters, and volunteers to further your mission. Your website should be an invaluable tool that connects your community and inspires action. We make sure your first impression counts.

Our websites will help your nonprofit:

  • Capture Interest

A professional and user-friendly web design that delivers a memorable experience.

  • Raise Awareness

Effectively communicating your mission and how you’re making a difference.

  • Engage Visitors

A simple navigation structure and well-organized content that will encourage visitors to learn more about the good work you do.

  • Convert Visitors into Donors

A dedicated donation page that is easy to follow and that demonstrates how their contribution makes an impact.

  • Strengthen Credibility

Sharing your outcomes with heartfelt stories that emotionally connect with your visitors and reflect the purpose of your organization.

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Building Your Website with Purpose and Care

We know you’re passionate about making the world a better place. So are we. At Alpha Webworks we love a good cause that drives change. Our mission is to create websites that inspire action, expand awareness, and bring recognition to organizations that exist for the greater good.

Whether you’re protecting the environment, rescuing animals, fighting for equality, or simply fostering your community, we’re committed to setting you up for success. We collaborate with you and your organization to help communicate your cause with greater impact. This gives us the opportunity to be a part of your team. Together we’ll find the best solutions that will help make your nonprofit shine.

Our Philosophy

  • Commitment to helping nonprofits broaden their reach through digital technology.
  • Building partnerships by collaborating on ideas that match the needs of your organization.
  • Continuously Learning about the latest web trends and from our nonprofit partners.
  • Finding solutions when we don’t have the answers right away.
  • Embracing your cause.

Interested in working together?

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Your Trusted Partner in Making a Difference

At Alpha Webworks we pride ourselves on being a part of your solution to drive change. Think of us as your partner in helping you elevate your organization’s website into its strongest marketing tool. We listen. We plan. We work with you to establish a website that represents who you are and what you do.

Whether you’re in need of a new website, custom enhancements, or support managing routine updates, we’re here to help. And we’re ready to take your cause to the next level.

Nonprofit organizations we have the pleasure to work with:

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Alpha Webworks is an important part of our team of consultants that allows us to maintain our image, brand and web accessibility. They go above and beyond what anyone else would provide and has worked with our other partners to help us meet our strategic marketing needs.
Miranda Klassen
AFE Foundation
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Invest in Your Cause

There’s a lot more to building a website than just dragging and dropping images and text onto a few pages. Attempting to figure out all the ins and outs of building a successful website can be time consuming and, most of all, frustrating. From design and functionality to optimization and performance, your nonprofit website needs to have a solid foundation to drive results.

Investing in a professional website with Alpha Webworks will help you get the most out of your number one marketing tool. Your website will be modern, brand-appropriate, and developed for a user-friendly experience — no matter the device. Furthermore, we optimize your page load times and include SEO-friendly code to help expand your online reach.

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