Everyone has a story.

And here’s mine.

Hello, I’m Kim Blake

Owner and web expert of Alpha Webworks.

After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design from Woodbury University, I started my career working as a graphic designer for small businesses throughout San Diego. I eventually moved on to working in corporate America as a web developer. Although I enjoyed my work and being part of a team, I often felt lost in navigating my career as both a creative and logical thinker. I guess you can say my left brain and right brain are well balanced.

In 2007, as I was preparing for a vacation to Italy over the holiday season, I realized that I needed to take my career in a new direction. With the new year approaching, it seemed like the perfect time for a change. As I was pondering if I should continue down the creative or technical route, the idea of combining my experience and talents in both design and web development came to mind. I thought, “Why not venture off on my own?” So I quit my corporate job, and when I returned from vacation, Alpha Webworks was born.

Through the years I’ve helped businesses and nonprofit organizations with the ever-changing electronic landscape. Each project gives me the opportunity to learn something new while following my passion – creating websites. From initial concept to website development and ongoing support, I’m here to help. Working with my team of experts in search engine optimization, copywriting, and marketing strategies allows me to provide support for your overall web goals.

I look forward to hearing your story and learning about your organization. 

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Things that make me smile:

  • Seeing the surprised look when I tell a non-San Diegan, I’m native to San Diego.
  • Hearing the sound of my passport being stamped when entering a new country.
  • Meeting up with my run group, San Diego Reluctant Runners, for our weekly run.
  • Hiking to the top of a mountain with a beautiful view.
  • Applauding the cast at the end of a great play.
  • Hugging my adorable rescue dogs.

Our Mission

To create websites that inspire action, expand awareness, and bring recognition to organizations that exist for the greater good.

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Behind the Name

Since “alpha,” appears early in the alphabet, it reflects our focus on first impressions — making them count. Why “webworks”? The answer is simple; that word encompasses the services necessary to make the web work for you and your organization. Like a well-respected leader of the pack, Alpha Webworks guides nonprofits and small businesses in need of top-notch web services.

Interested in working with us?

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your goals.